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The fourth annual Snipers Unknown Challenge (SUC) will be held 23rd - 24th October 2021, in , Barnwell, South Carolina at GTI. At the Snipers Unknown Challenge competition we offer a unique style of shooting experience which usually only pertains to a unique group of military personnel or law enforcement. Expected to be challenge at each stage and enjoy the SUC! 

This competition will be open to the public, to include military and law enforcement agencies, which allows the opportunity for shooters around the world to showcase their skills. All stages will be set to simulate real-world scenarios. These courses fire will test and validate the team’s overall shooting skills, judgment, teamwork, tactics and much more. 

There will be a public vendor day held on Friday the 22nd of October, to include a demo range! Attending vendors/manufacturers will be posted soon!

Price: $500.00 per team

You can pay as a team or separate, however upon checkout please put team members name in notes.

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Snipers Unknown Challenge will be held at GTI in Barnwell, SC on 23rd - 24th October 2021. This will be a two-day competition.

  • Each two-man team must designate their Primary and Secondary shooter.

  • MINIMUM round count for rifle is 100 rounds and pistol are 100 rounds per shooter.

  • Teams will walk to all stages unless directed otherwise by match directors.

  • Once competition begins be prepared to stay in on station and conduct continuous operations.  This includes food and water for you for the operational period.

  • All equipment you bring will stay with you throughout the operational period.

  • If a teammate drops the team will be allowed to operate with one shooter to engage all targets.

  • Primary shooters will engage targets beyond 600 yards.  Secondary shooters will engage targets within 600 yards.

Stages require engagement of targets from 10 yards to 1400 yards. Each shooter will be required to engage pistol and rifle targets. Some stages will require moving through terrain, traversing obstacles and a diverse urban environment. 

Each stage will focus on one of the following skills sets:

  • target detection

  • moving into and building a firing position

  • range estimation


Stages will be shot blind, so that each team will have to execute each stage without watching previous teams complete a stage.

Different stages will have different requirements for range estimation, you will not be able to use a Laser Range Finder (LRF) on all stages. On some stages, competitors must use range estimation via mil-dot measurement, field expedient estimation, etc.

Prior to each day you will receive a safety and stage brief for that entire day. It’s imperative you listen carefully to each daily brief as you will be expected to approach each stage ready to overcome and adapt to each stage. Failure or success is entirely on how each team processes information and communicates effectively.

Although safety is paramount, we do not offer information on stages prior to the event. Only information we will provide you is to be prepared to engage targets with pistol or rifle. Gear is dependent on your team and you are expected to be able to sustain yourself for the entirety of the day. The threats of each stages are uncertain so pack accordingly.

It's recommended that teams bring the following equipment at a minimum:

  • Assigned weapons systems with slings to include pistol with a retention holster.

  • Ear & Eye Protection

  • Each shooter has enough rifle ammunition to engage approximately 50-60 targets, with no target being engaged with more than 3 rounds.

  • Each shooter has enough pistol ammunition to engage approximately 20-40 targets. 

  • A ruck-sack or similar style bag to carry your equipment.

  • Enough food to sustain you for duration of the match. Water will be provided at all stages.

  • Laser Range Finders are recommended.

  • Primary shooter will be allowed to shoot any caliber under 3100 fps which is not a magnum. 

  • Secondary shooter will be restricted to .223, 5.56 and 308 win. 

  • All shooters will be under the 3100 fps muzzle velocity, and no magnum cartridges will be permitted. 

  • Pistols may have red dot optics, no calibers over 45 ACP. No AR-pistols are not authorized

  • No armor piercing ammunition

2021 Snipers Unknown Challenge
Oct 22, 2021, 1:00 PM
Government Training Institute
2022 Snipers Unknown Challenge- South Carolina
Oct 21, 12:00 PM
The Clinton House Plantation